10 Tips of ice grips usage

In order to using ice grips better, below are some tips of usage for your reference:

1. Adjust a fit size of ice grippers for shoes, usually a perfect 3-5mm shortness of the crampons is the optimal locations for your boots. No matter too short or too long over the boots, will be uncomfortable and dangerous

2.Always check the status of crampons, before climbing, if the adjusting screws or straps are loose, are the quick draw whether the shift or not.

3.After installed the crampons, go first to test, then tied the ice grips.

4.Preparing an anti-snow board, especially in squishy snowy status, almost any crampons will be jam-packed blocks of snow, so using a anti-snow board can increase comfort and make you safety

5.Never using a grinding machine for your ice grips, even if it is blunt, heat temperature will change the crampons. You can use a grater by hand to grind slowly.

6.In order to keep the crampons strength and durability, please never heat roasted the crampons directly.

7.Please do not leave the Crampons in wet and dirty waterproof, and should keep it clean and dry as the principle of crampons maintenance

8.Please take notes, crampons may be hurt others, and take conservation and use is a necessary

9.Checking is always a good habits, each using may harm the crampons, so remember always to check the status of crampons, especially before a climbing route