A good cramp can let you reach a good height

Pakistan time on July 28, 2017, the Agricultural Bank of China branch in Shenzhen, climbing explorers on behalf of Zhang Liang success of the world's second highest peak Qiao Golui peak. Qiao Gori peak elevation of 8611 meters, commonly known as K2, located in the Sino-Pakistani border, height only after the Mount Everest, but its difficulty is much higher than Mount Everest, known as the "brutal giant peak."


At this point, Zhang Liang has successfully reached the top of the world's 13 peaks of more than 8000 meters and six seven continents peak, and hiking skiing to the north and south poles, known as the ultimate goal of human climbing adventure "14 +7 +2" only a difference of 8,000 meters Above the mountain.


Colleague blessing


That Zhang Liang success K2 at the moment, my heart can not calm for a long time, I am very clear that he was more than ten years high altitude mountaineering expedition is not easy, especially the three years of climbing K 2 difficult. Now the beam finally succeeded in the summit, congratulations on the beam! Know that he is about to embark on climbing the 14th 8000 meters above the mountain journey, I hope he is safe, life is the time, the dream will sooner or later realize!


Reported good people said


After successfully boarding the Qiao Gou Li, I even tears, this is the tears of tears, happy tears. It is not easy, it is not easy! However, this joy will soon desalination, because every 8000 meters above the peaks are my goal, after the successful summit, I will be more eager to move forward to the next goal. My life creed is, "on the road, never stop." I will always be directed at their own goals to work hard to struggle.


Three times three times challenge Chogori peak


2015, Zhang Liang three consecutive three times on the impact of K 2, the first two were climbing to 7,000 meters, 7550 meters height, but suffered an avalanche and other bad weather, Zhang Liang had to choose to give up. Zhang Liang said: "give up is no way to approach, but the safe return is the most important, at least I have the next chance to continue to challenge.


In May 2017, Zhang Liang once again to Qiao Geli starting. He and the players to Pakistan after the first challenge of the South Cana Parbat peak. Unfortunately, they did not have a successful summit, they "fought" Qiao Gori peak. So, they walk nearly 100 km, reaching 5,000 meters above sea level Chagrid base camp.