Anti-skid skills!

In outdoor hiking, sometimes accidentally throw a somersault, especially in the rain and winter, is the most easy to slip down, knees, elbows and buttocks or small, if, in case of slipping off the mountain to knock it, it is a very dangerous thing, so we have to do when hiking in the awareness to prevent slipping?

Walking slip, because the road is too slippery, shoes and the friction of the road becomes smaller, coupled with the inertia of the body, resulting in unstable center of gravity, lost balance and fall. The first thing to prevent from slipping is to increase the friction force.

Choose a pair of shoes with good skid resistance

Good anti-skid shoes sole is generally insections deep, and anti-skid insections different parts, in the mountain, because the ground contact is mostly gravel, soil, grassland, and the pavement can make the tooth climbing shoes protruding into the soft road, let the vertical part tooth protruding into contact with the ground, thus increasing the contact area of the sole and the ground, thereby increasing the friction, but if you're climbing shoes to wear to the ground and even tile pavement, ice... Such as smooth pavement, because the tooth climbing shoes raised cannot reach the surface, so the shoes and the ground contact area becomes very small (because only tooth protrusions, so just below) friction is significantly reduced, of course, will feel very smooth, in this case, if you are wearing shoes flat sole grain is to try, believe the skid resistance is much better than climbing shoes.

Different shoes should be chosen for different lines and terrain. No shoes can reach 100% of skid resistance.

Skillfully use a climbing pole

Alpenstock is indispensable in our outdoor travel equipment, not only for us to save energy, we can also reduce the pressure on the knee, the road is slippery road can use alpenstock to help us keep our balance, mountaineering rod can be used as a support for us, greatly enhance our sense of balance.


Crampons are made of metal and with sharp teeth, when walking or climbing by means of its own weight with sharp teeth tied to the snow or ice to increase grip, fixing and prevent slippage effect. For ice snow in high altitude area or the ground, using crampons there is a requirement for the shoes, but also to choose according to the actual situation of simple crampons, walking crampons, professional ice crampons.