Antiskid shoe cover

The Antiskid shoe cover is a new product that appeared completely. Using high quality imported natural high elastic rubber and special steel studs, the spike bearing capacity in more than 100kg, so as to ensure the reliable quality of the shoe cover and excellent anti-skid performance. Prevent slippery ground, snow and other special places slip, fall! In the elderly, women and for public security, armed police, fire protection, rock climbing, transportation and carrying construction industry professionals and outdoor activities. The emergency Babolat bag shop set to wear shoes in the shoe is not deformation, not falling, not slipping, can be used repeatedly.
Now the office workers are basically wearing high-grade shoes, once the snow, shoes quality will be affected, and sometimes degumming deformation; also, tourists encounter snow in the journey is also a very troublesome thing. So this product has a broad market prospect.
AYD specializes in the production of anti slip footwear, which is concentrated in large supermarkets in the uk. There are 4 nails, 6 nails and 10 nails in the shoe cover. The style is similar in general. It's outside of any shoe. After the use of any pair of ordinary shoes can become a pair of spikes. Suitable for outdoor sports, not suitable for indoor walking, because of the sharp spikes will scratch the ground. The most widely used raw materials are TPE, TPR, and the products can be used below -40 degrees.