Cassin Mirage and X-Files







Cassin these two ice ax in addition to different ax handle (basic and technical type), the other characteristics are the same.


Advantages: Mirage handle simple and effective, handle the handle at the bottom of the irregular convex ridge suitable for your finger joint curve, easy to grasp. X-Files put the handle at the bottom of the pick handle irregular convex into the protruding particles, more suitable for competitive ice climbing and no wristband ice climbing, picks handle curve with a larger curvature for finger protection. Two ice ax in the swing when you have a good feel.


Disadvantages: Slight weight, heavy detachable wristband (45g), and the wristband on the wristband does not feel as good as Camp Tiburon. Of course, you can remove the wrist strap to reduce the weight, but when you pick a pick, it feels a bit weaker.