Climb technical equipment crampons

Whether it is climbers or ice climbing ice climbing claws, roughly divided into claws from the structure, tighten the system, snowboard three parts.
Claw tip
The geometry of the claw tip is crucial for its performance. The tip distribution and change is very subtle, such as the length of the claw tip, the relationship between the first tooth and the second tooth, as well as the arrangement and relationship between the other teeth are different.
Tighten the system
Another part of the crampon is to tighten the system, tightening the system can be crampons and shoes effectively connected together. Here are four common tightening systems:
● Basic: Ties with strapping.
● Wear Ties: The straps pass from one side through a ring on the top of the glacier and then tighten to the strap on the other side of the heel.
● Front tied after the card type: This is the more used one, to avoid the climb due to force and the claw off.
● Card: Both front and back cards, but in front of another plus a metal ring to do double fixed. Is the most secure crampons, if the fall will not cause the crampons to lose.
If crampons are also equipped with snowboards even better. Snowboarding should always be connected to your crampons, whether climbing or climbing. Its function is to prevent the snow from sticking to the bottom of the crampons (especially wet snow) during walking. The snow blocks are particularly easy to stick between the crampons and the sole, and form a large wet snowball in a short time. So that the ice claw failure, resulting in falls and other slippery. This is especially dangerous when climbing slippery snow slopes. The use of snowboards can effectively prevent such problems.