Climbing essential artifact crampons








After the snow Huangshan scenery is beautiful, but many people are worried about slippery or closed mountain. Xiaobian once again declared Huangshan four seasons not closed mountain, closed only a small part of the attractions. And after the snow, the mountains of the staff will be the first time to clean up the snow road and icy road, to ensure safe passage of tourists.

If you do not worry, the following Xiaobian recommended for you several winter climbing essential artifacts.

Climbing cane

  1. Reduce the knee by 22% of the pressure to fully protect the knee;
  2. To improve the stability of walking, to maintain body balance, to avoid sports injuries;
  3. To improve the movement and frequency of the body to enhance the walking speed;
  4. Exercise the whole body muscles, protect the waist and spine;
  5. Reduce the consumption of 30% of the body;
  6. Can be a shelter for rain or awning;
  7. encounter wild animals can be used for self-defense and so on.

Disposable raincoat

Disposable raincoats are easy to fold, into the backpack will not occupy a lot of space and weight. The weather on the mountain is changing, and a one-time raincoat is recommended in the backpack

Anti-skid shoes

With this anti-skid ice claw shoe cover, snow walking more secure.

Waterproof shoe cover

This is used with anti-skid ice claw shoe cover, rain and then big, snow and thick, do not have to worry about socks and shoes wet. Keep it dry and warm at all times.

Finally do not forget there are crampons