Climbing footwear selection






General hiking environment, the socks with a proposal of a pair of thin sweat socks plus a pair of medium thickness mountaineering socks. Buy the high tube of shoes, do not put all the shoelaces tied, as long as tied to the ankle above can be, so as not to tie the shoelace will affect your judgment. The first feeling around the top and bottom there is no top of any side of the shoe, it should be noted that the length of hiking shoes often do not change, but the internal width and height will be slightly increased, so test shoes, the length of the front and back must be enough Slightly loose, and left and right width can be slightly tight or just. Before and after no problem, the lace all tied, remember to tie tight enough.

Pass the mountain shoes, especially the whole skin, you must choose 1 to 2 size, if the high-altitude double boots, because the outer layer is plastic, will not shrink, it is necessary to choose the normal size.