Climbing is a good thing








In September 2008, I boarded the 5396-meter Haba Snow Mountain. Due to pre-preparation is full, physical training, alpine adaptation, etc., coupled with the difficulty of Haba Snow Mountain is not big (although the difficulty is not, between 2005 and 2008, there are three people were killed), that mountain climbing did not bring such as jade beads Peak (also known as the entry-level snow-capped mountains, but in May 2000 a season occurred 5 people were killed in the mountain) so strong feelings, but "why climb" is still my constant thinking.

Because you like it, love is not enough, because love it. Why is it so dangerous to love, and so challenging, to pay a great mountain? Because climbing can bring us a lot. But other hobbies, other acts such as reading, music, calligraphy, planting dogs, watching movies, playing chess and other sports can not bring about a similar harvest?

That year when I went down the mountain back to the gentle Chengdu, very serious thinking, it can be said that once again a profound thinking about "why climb" this problem. When the family in Beijing anxiously waiting for the phone signal Unicom and the peace of the news, when I Siguniang Mountain Sanfeng 5200 meters above sea level 60 degrees ice rock mixed mountain wall, in the 7 wind, a teammate has been down , Another teammate expressed fear and hesitation, I hope I come to the decision, why should I continue to climb up the decision? I did not necessarily ask my teammates to join me, I did not even say, just with ice pick up pointing. Am I willing to help down my teammates? Can i give hesitated teammates with a safe decision? Can i keep my family so worried? What power is driving me? The longing for the peak, the pursuit of the goal is really so strong?

I know. People need to know themselves. Through such a strong and even extreme behavior, I am exploring myself, analyzing myself, understanding myself and discovering the deepest of my soul. The only way to know more clearly, to know their real goals, to know their real needs, to know when to give up, when must adhere to, what people, what must cherish, what kind of life really have significance.

This may not be the answer, but it will help us think. Everyone's answer will be different, and perhaps there is no answer at all.

Now, I take the children to experience the joy of climbing, not to let the age of the young people feel the challenge limit, but to let the children through the climb to explore themselves, find themselves, know themselves, and try to climb the environment and Experience, feel confident and inclusive, feel the responsibility and trust, and strive to explore the environment and interpersonal, in this process, healthy and happy growth.

This is where I take the children to experience the real purpose of climbing.