Climbing technical difficulties








Close to 5080, to climb a 70-80 degree ice tank, but also had a big flat stone, this is the most difficult and dangerous. We also use the thickest route in this section.

4, leading to the C3 line has a very long cross-cutting, slope is very steep, to single along the rope one by one, can not miss.

5, leading to the peak time there is a snow slot, but also very steep, use the front teeth to climb.

In short, the players should be able to skillfully use the riser and descender, but also to prevent the descending device fall, once the slide will use the cable down. When the knot must be protected and then open the riser, can not be lazy.


The climbing some novice, to be able to correctly grasp their own, do not force. The captain has the right to make a decision to stop climbing according to the climbing status of the team. We hope that we can fully understand. Bogda peak, after all, is a difficult technical mountain