Climbing to be mentally prepared







This time you should have a new understanding of the mountain and life. You may be pushed by your Sherpa guide risked life to the top of the hill, you may be on the way down the careless fall of the grasshopper in front of a grabbed. Like the green left hand in the 8264 on the peak of the full record of the final feeling - "live really good." The C4 in your headache to split, may not even from 1-10 can not adhere to the number of finished.

Some of these just let you have a general concept, each specific details can write a book.

Climbing Everest is not only the accumulation of physical courage, but also a lot of knowledge and confidence in the accumulation. The major domestic websites also have a very mountain climbing process. Like the 8264 Forum of Tsing Yi knives, Luo Jing, has been dead winter winter, Yang Chunfeng. They all have very good high altitude mountain climbing valuable articles left to the reader.

And finally finished writing, this article will provoke some arguments, because many people do not how to prepare the situation through a very short period of time climbing training Everest success. But climbing is a systematic science, it is difficult for me to have a measure to prove that when you lay down a lot of foundation, spend a lot of experience in research equipment lines, a lot of time to exchange for mountain experience, your success rate on the Everest than chance Doors and resultists increase how much.

Some commercial mountaineering companies even use human vanity to cultivate these results, good luck is good, bad luck is death (Dorje Krishna Chinese mountain is the result of this result of bad luck example). It is like you after training IELTS clearance, but still can not communicate abroad, because the target is different, one is for the certificate, one is as a life skills.

I do not object to someone climbing the mountain to dare to board three snow-capped mountains, some people use a helicopter instead of BC to C1 climb. Someone is carrying a definition of a service. From the business point of view have their own advantages and disadvantages. They have their own right to choose.

I also want to think of Everest ideas, so I saw this topic crashed written a pile. The The I was already implemented in the second year of the 6000 + stage, with a more in-depth understanding of a lot of works on the Everest, contact with some of the mountaineers contacted some real death cases, studied a lot of domestic and foreign Forum, with the holidays to the northern slope of the date, Gama ditch east slope and Lukala south slope. The The The I got my own conclusion. give up.