Correct walking







Always keep a set of dry clothes and a pair of socks. Walking all day long, dry clothes are often life-saving; evening wear hats and gloves in the tent. Much of the body's heat is emitted through the head, while keeping the temperature and agility of the finger is important.

The best to wear artificial wool or pure wool fabric. Pure cotton fabrics are fatal, as cotton fabrics lose their thermal insulation properties once wet, and are hard to dry.


4 Correct walking


When the team marches, the back of the team members should try to stepping forward in front of players footprints. One for safety; two can save a lot of physical strength;


In case of heavy snowfall, when there is no way to find it, physically strong players should alternate rotation to ensure that the entire team average physical fitness. The key to snow hiking is slow and steady, less walking, walking is okay, must not hurry hurry