Crampons classification according to the structure

There are hard and half hard and soft; Walking from climbing, mountaineering/ice and hard ice waterfall/mixed climbing.

Modern crampons are made by alloy steel with high performance. Hard crampons framework is generally made from sheet steel vertical, horizontal direction cannot bend, such as domestic more trango Harpoon, more technical requirements for high waterfall ice and mixed route; Half hard claw is generally horizontal sheet steel, under the condition of stress, deformation, can be a little bit to fit the shape of the sole, such as CharletMoser speed 12, most of the mountaineering/ice ice climbing claws are of this type; Soft ice is completely can bend as the sole.

CharletMoser Ecrin, can match the sole soft boots, and even some types of hiking shoes. The ice used as walking and technical requirements is not high mountain glaciers.

Flat front tooth crampons ice climbing for mountaineering and general, suitable for snow and ice not too hard; Tooth crampons and stand before due to the strong penetration force, especially good at dealing with extremely hard ice, its role is the hard ice high technical requirements and hybrid route. Also choose crampons, need to be aware of is the second to the location of the tooth, the more, the support function under large Angle, the better, more suitable for steep ice wall, but some difficulty in walking more. Such as the speed 12 CM and Black Ice, which is the second on the front tooth is outstanding, Ice climbing performance is better.

Crampons stability problem: some people say that card as binding type crampons stability, easy to fall off. Actually general is due to the ice and boots didn't cooperate well. Now most of the catch to be on the safe side also added a back-up bind.

-size:10.5pt;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif"; color:#2B2B2B;background:#FAFAFA'>Specializes in high altitude exploration, ice climbing. The claws prices are relatively high, the collocation of the shoe also have high requirements. To the user experience also to have certain requirements. According to the using environment is different also divided into many forms.