Crampons classification according to the use

Winter climbing or high altitude mountaineering necessary equipment. To gain a foothold on the slippery ice or snow. Winter hiking boots requirement crampons have sufficient hardness to will really firmly fixed on it. Different winter outdoor sports, hiking boots different hardness requirements. That is to say, some ice crampons can very well to match the more hard hiking boots; And some will be better to cooperate with soft boots.

  1. Use daily work and life. Such ice is cheap, simple structure, less tooth.
  2. Ordinary hiking, crossing, mountaineering. Such crampons prices are relatively high altitude mountaineering is low, the number and Angle of tooth request is not high.
  3. Specializes in high altitude exploration, ice climbing. The claws prices are relatively high, the collocation of the shoe also have high requirements. To the user experience also to have certain requirements. According to the using environment is different also divided into many forms.