Crampons of ice claws

Usually ice claw teeth mainly to see three aspects, the first is the metal itself material. Crampons with metal should choose the texture of hard and tough steel production. If the texture is not hard enough, the tip of the crampons will soon turn round and lose the ability to thorn ice, but some steel, although hard but very brittle, this crampons in the accidentally kicked the stone when it is easy to suddenly break. Second, we should pay attention to the number of ice claw teeth. Usually the amount of ice from the four teeth to 14 teeth range, the more the number of teeth can cope with the more difficult to cope with the road. It is not advisable to purchase pawls of less than 6 teeth. This type of crampons is usually not very good, and the crampons below 6 teeth are not performing well in terms of fixability and climbing ability. It is recommended to choose more than 10 teeth of the best claws. The third point is for the 10 teeth more than the front teeth of the cramp, the ice claws of the vertical teeth and flat teeth two kinds of vertical crampons to climb vertical or near vertical ice wall and design. Flat teeth is designed to walk on foot. Occasionally can also be used to climb.