Crampons selection, please consider the following points

When you put the sleeve firmly tied crampon hiking boots on, it can strengthen you in the snow mountain through the efficiency, safety and confidence. The design is suitable for your crampons hiking boots
Of all the crampons, the most important problem is the design of the crampons, to what extent does fit with your hiking boots. The ideal should not use the bandage crampons in case, can easily set on boot without falling off. But the design is not suitable for some crampons on some hiking boots. So, it's better to try several pairs before deciding whether to buy. Most of the design of their crampons are different, so pay attention to check whether to buy crampons with a user guide. If not, let the shop assistant give you a demonstration in the outdoor store. If that is the length of the adjustable crampons, you want to set in smaller climbing boots on, you may need to adjust the hacksaw, long after some sawed off boots. When you were climbing through the front, must regulate your crampons carefully at home. It's best to do a few more exercises. Because in the ice and snow, the passive and rigid fingers are not as flexible as in ordinary days.