Crampons use instructions

1.Manner to adjust to fit the size of the boots, the length is 3 ~ 5 mm, shorter than boots a little not too short or over long boots, over boots when had long, will be uncomfortable and dangerous.

2.This upward climb, check crampons, adjust screw or strap is flabby, whether the quickdraw shift

3. After packed ice, first test it a few steps, tighten again.

4. Some snow condition (especially the afternoon soft snow), any ice plug will be blocks of snow, using resistance skis can increase the comfort and safety

⒌ when grinding crampons grind slowly by hand on the knife, not available grinder grinding, crampons steel will change due to high temperature

Pictures of ice fire heating, can never be crampons strength and durability will suffer damage

But may not be dirty and wet crampons legacy in a waterproof bag, is clean and dry ice to maintain the principle of

⒏ note crampons hurt more, take good preservation and use

⒐ in rock or concrete using crampons, can harm the crampons, remember to check of the condition of the ice, especially before climbing a route.