Crampons walking skills on different pavements

Walking through is a form of outdoors. In the complex and diverse terrain, inaccessible places, there is no ready way to go, there is no clear signs sign direction, relying on the map, compass, plus their own mind and feet to read every inch of land, in the Qing refined or ancient vicissitudes Leaving their own footprints, in a gloomy quiet or smart jump to observe and learn a variety of useful knowledge is a kind of satisfaction. And walking through the activities can not be separated from the road, the road is directly related to whether we can successfully cross, poor road conditions sometimes make us hurt, such as a good grasp of walking different road skills, the road will be easier , More enjoyable. Walking, safe, happy, is our outdoor concept.


Bluestone road

Pavement features:

This road is mainly the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China built. Mainly is the ancient road, is the size of the quartzite from the laying of artificial. As a result of age, more people to go, this bluestone road has become very smooth road. Once encountered rain and snow prone to accidents, ranging from wrestling, Wei feet, while the fracture was seriously injured.

Walking experience:

After the rain, up the mountain in addition to wearing non-slip shoes, the mood but also relax. Walking center of gravity should not be too far before the center of gravity and the ground to the vertical stone, try to use the climbing stick. Backpack when the package should be the focus of the middle of the middle, hand as far as possible to hold the rock or trees. Downhill must use the climbing stick, the center of gravity slightly forward. The foot of the placement point as much as possible in the gap between the slate, or roadside vegetation. Between two people to pull away the distance, to avoid a person after the fall of several upside down. After the snow, it is best to use four teeth of the claws, if not crampons, feet must fall on the roadside roots or vegetation, climbing sticks essential