Eleven teeth enhanced walking crampons

Material: Stainless steel chain, C50S special steel, high quality elastic silicone
Size: A (36-42), B (40-46)
Weight: About 340 grams
Process: Electrophoretic coating, high-strength heat-treated
Color: Gray, orange
Packing: A 600D oxford pocket
Purpose: To meet all kinds of sports shoes, hiking shoes, mountaineering boots’ need. Apply to ice and snow, grasslands, wetlands and other environmental, play a non-slip effect.
Description: This product is a pair (two shoes is a pair)
Usage: The product can be set in the soles, no special buckles and laces, simply worn.
Tips: Each time after using, please keep it clean, and before storing it need to be dried. This product is suitable for hiking, for winter weather, for slippery season outing. DO NOT use it as rock climbing and other specialized tools.

十一齿加强型行走冰爪4 十一齿加强型行走冰爪3 十一齿加强型行走冰爪2 十一齿加强型行走冰爪1