Equipment for hiking in winter

Equipment for hiking in winter
1, quick dry underwear. (necessary, fiber fabric, it is easy to evaporate sweat, keep dry, avoid losing temperature, not more like cotton like stick on the body)
2, Snow Jacket (necessary, set in the leg, mainly to prevent snow into the shoes)
3, mountaineering shoes (antiskid, middle high hand can protect ankle)
4, hiking socks (recommended the pure wool, sweat absorbing heat preservation effect is good, if not to add double cotton inside)
5, (set in crampons climbing shoes outside, play the role of anti sliding)
6, thermos kettle (can drink some hot water, of course, comfortable)
7, fleece (wear in quick drying underwear outside, warm, breathable, lightweight)
8, down jacket or ski wear (warm, light, breathable)
9, ski pants (windproof, waterproof effect is good)
10, sunglasses (must avoid snow, wind)
11. Mountaineering stick (assisting mountaineering, keeping balance, exploring the depth of snow)
12, hats, scarves (pay attention to protect ears)
13, the skis (slide down from the mountain, fun and exciting, protect the knee)
14, skate or sledge (ice entertainment)
15, snowball clip (snowball making tool, snowball fights necessary)
16, mountaineering bag (at least have a back pack these things)
17, down sleeping bags (about -15 cold temperature down sleeping bags)