Fast technical principles in mountain climbing

Qualification requirements: ice rock technology
Before you venture into the mountain, you have to master the rock skills. Requires quick action, equipment, and backpacks. To put it simply, if you are in no backpacks, the traditional climbing skills of up to 5.10, then in the mountains can only consider less than 5.6 of the situation. Maybe a little humbled himself, but in fact the simple difficulty classification does not consider loosening or wet rock, ice shell, snow ledges, and many other unforeseen difficulties.
Ice is the alpine world together, and its consistency is constantly changing, from the hard ice to sugar like blue ice. You must be familiar with the various forms of its grasp.
A good way to increase your experience and fill the gap is to go out and look for all the usual ice conditions you'll be able to stay away from, and practice with top rope protection. For example, the sunlight loose ice, you can try to use the shovel head (in soft ice, than to climb, hezuishou leveraging) experience two sides, but to avoid the attention of those who may immediately collapse of the ice. If you can find such a low angle slope, try to get through the way of playing ice crampons rise; if the soft snow surface is not deep enough, can step out. Climb with just one tool. Almost all winter environments can be used as training sites. If the conditions are limited, you can also practice self - exercise, and deadman and Snow Cone settings on ski slopes, cross the frozen lakes and rivers, and practice glacier walks. Anyone can learn these techniques.
In mountain climbing, the number and quality of protection points are certainly not comparable to those of rock climbing. The reason is not only that it is difficult to find the right protection point, but also the time is not allowed. A waste of time setting of protection may lead to different results: you could sit in the tent just enjoy the afternoon storm, and now can only be nailed to the wall wreathed by lightning raging around.
Alpine equipment should be efficiency, with some of the rock plug, plug machine and ice, when necessary, also need a period of unprotected climbing adventure. If you do not have a lot of protection, you can not be sure to move boldly, you should give up climbing.
Pay attention to the way you observe the route. Outline the form of climbing from a rapid perspective. If there is a challenging route, see if you can find it from next to an easy route around the past; if there are two short sections, put him into a rope; if you put the protection of place, can use it as a fixed point of climbing equipment.