Finishing outdoor equipment to buy claw order







The first step: just want to experience, do not know later will not have to play it.

Buy a sleeping bag and moisture pad (sleeping bag you do not want to use someone else's? Moisture-proof pad is not expensive), a pair of good hiking shoes (this thing you can not rent, huh). Well, if you just want to experience, you can travel, and participate in activities to rent a backpack, rub someone else's tent on the line.

The second step, the outdoor a little meaning, the future may be to participate in several times.

You know you should buy a backpack, then buy it, as a GG, you have to consider buying tents (yes ah, always MM who rub tents, they have to have a tent to MM who rub it) The Also, the last time to go out to see what other people have a set of pot, but they eat hand grasping, how to have to buy their own sets of pot. Burner Well, and then rub a back.

The third step, you have been deep into them, appreciate the charm of outdoor sports.

But the last rain, wearing a one-time raincoat, the rain was too late, and get the body are wet, why do not those old donkey clothes ah? Oh, they have what that charge the charge of clothing, it seems They have to engage in a set. Since the future often play, the burner seems to have come one, then buy it. And some little things, what sweat underwear, fleece pants ah, walkie-talkie, egg box, small fast hanging, dry towels ah, climbing sticks, anti-corrosion kettle ... ah ah, can not remember so much, Anyway, what they think of what to buy it 🙂

The fourth step, as if the recent migration, not too interested in the past, a little want to climb the snow mountain friends.

Congratulations, you finally bankrupt! Oh, open a joke, to this step, it is estimated that you do not have someone to recommend you equipment. Sleeping bags, tents, moisture mats, clothing what have to add, have to change the snow-capped mountains can be used against the chill of the job. Mountain boots, crampons, ice picks, the main lock, fast hanging and the like equipment have to be prepared, anyway, the time spent ... ...

PS: moisture pad to buy a general on the line, as Jackets such as mountain climbing standard recommended to buy a professional point.