General Choice of Crampons

Jaw teeth is to look at the design of the claw teeth and the number of teeth, usually crampons climbing claws are 12 teeth, teeth before the ball is two plus six after tooth, followed by four teeth. Below is the most common style. The first two teeth to kick into the hard snow wall and on the second line is used to assist to stand, the other used to walking snow slope.

In the past is flat tooth before climbing claws. Because one extrusion production quickly, but now a lot of ice climbing mountain climbing claws with technology design, the first two teeth with solid forging straight tooth, convenient to kick into the hard snow and ice. The following is mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs in the two improvements.

Technology also is 12 teeth more ice climbing claws, but individual manufacturer has a unique design, the front tooth have single tooth, also have one more stirrups tooth in the heel, like the image below

Snow and ice walk crampons have 4-12 teeth, simple 4-6 teeth with the ball, not the heel. There are also special light made of aluminum alloy. The heaviest if if mountaineering walking on snow and ice ice, this is the fun of life.