High quality crampons

⒈ daily work, life use. This type of crampons inexpensive, simple structure, less teeth.
⒉ ordinary hiking, crossing, climbing. This type of crampons prices relatively high altitude mountain climbing low, the number of teeth and angle is not high.
⒊ professional high altitude adventure, ice climbing use. This claw price is relatively high, with the shoes also have a high demand. The user's experience also has certain requirements. According to the use of the environment is also divided into many forms.
Fixed way points
Lace-type (tied), full-card and front-tied card
Full-caliber pawls can only be used with hiking boots before and after the card slot. This kind of boots have a strong midsole, so be able to hold the crampons. And tied the use of crampons is relatively wide, you can match any type of boots. The claws of the claw claws are some trouble. Personally think that the front of the card after the most convenient, but the requirements of the boots after the card slot.
From the structure of points
There are hard, semi-hard and soft; from climbing use, there are climbing / snow walking and difficult waterfall ice / mixed climbing.
Modern cramps are made of high performance alloy steel. Hard claw frame is generally made of vertical steel, horizontal direction can not bend, such as the domestic more trango Harpoon, used for high technical requirements of the waterfall ice and mixed routes; semi-hard claws are generally horizontal Steel, the force of the case, can be slightly deformed to fit the shape of the soles, such as CharletMoser S12, most of the climbing / ice claw is this type; soft crampons can be bent with the soles of the The We can also talk about the choice of cramps and with the CharletMoser Ecrin, you can match the soles of the soft boots, and even some types of foot shoes. This kind of crampons is suitable for glacier walking and technical requirements are not high mountain climbing.
Pincer is used for mountain climbing and general ice climbing, suitable for snow and not too hard ice; and before the teeth claws due to strong penetration, particularly good at dealing with the very hard ice, its role is technology Requires high hard ice and mixed routes. In addition to the selection of crampons, the need to pay attention to is the second pair of front teeth position, the more forward, then the greater the role of the next support, the more suitable for the steep ice wall, but walking more cost some effort. Such as CM's S12 and Black Ice, the latter's second pair of front teeth more prominent, climbing performance is even better.
The stability of the claw claw problem: Some people say that the card is not as good as tied claw claw stability, easy to fall off. In fact, generally because the claws and boots did not match well. Most of the cards are now backed up for the sake of insurance.