Hiking shoes heavy or light good?

In terms of the weight of the same material, the mountaineering shoes are of course lighter. Outdoor sports are a long way to go. If the shoes are heavy, it will affect physical strength and not fit for sports. However, mountaineering shoes still have to choose good material, such as air permeability, waterproof, and so on, in fact, the weight can not be much worse.
Mountaineering shoes, specially designed for mountain climbing and travel, are very suitable for outdoor sports. Waterproofing is the primary function of modern mountaineering shoes. The waterproof and breathability of mountaineering shoes are unparalleled by general sports shoes.
There are many types of mountaineering shoes, which are chosen according to their own circumstances.
1, lightweight mountain mountaineering shoes
Most of these shoes are made of nylon cloth and leather. They focus on the design of breathability and lightweight. The soles also use soft bottom, so that you are more comfortable in wearing, and do not spend too much time to adapt to it, but it is generally poor in waterproofing. Although some shoes use waterproof materials and special design to improve its leakproof function, but on the whole, these shoes are not suitable for long distance mountaineering and adventure activities.
2, hiking shoes and general mountaineering shoes
These shoes are made of leather, nylon, or mixed, and some are added with Gore-Tex waterproof breathable cloth. The design has strengthened its firmness and durability. The soles are also designed with better grip. Some are strengthened in the heel part to protect the ankle of users. So its weight is generally heavier than light mountaineering shoes. In addition to all leather shoes made it to will not be much of a problem, but this kind of shoes are not used with crampons in the snow.
3. Heavy mountaineering shoes
The material of this kind of mountaineering shoes is almost the same as that of mountaineering shoes, but it strengthens the protection of feet and the design of soles for more complex and difficult mountaineering activities. Usually its sole is thicker and hard, and some even the steel plate is added to increase the weight of the shoe. Pay special attention to the waterproof treatment, so that you can also keep your feet dry in the activity. But these shoes must be adapted before they are used, or if you wear new shoes up the hill, hard shoes and unbending soles will make you quite painful.
4, double shoes
The shoes are designed for polar climbs, which, as the name implies, are made up of two layers of shoes. The shoes are not only sturdy and expensive, but also expensive, but it is a sharp tool for climbing the poles. It is made of plastic boots and warm boots. It can prevent snow from infiltrating and keeping warm. It will make your feet frostbite in bad ice and snow.
5. Military mountaineering shoes
The shoes are made of special materials and special processes. Help the surface materials by combining thermal material with cloth, down felt. Shoe lining elastic composite PTFE membrane, a process for molding shoes.
With excellent comprehensive performance:
Wind protection:
The independent development of the thermal material down felt, made use of natural resources to overcome the past down, down battings bloated, easy to drill down and shortcomings, with warm and excellent. Compared with wool felt, it is more warm than wool felt, and the weight of the same warmth is only 1/3 of wool felt. The thickness is only about 2/3 of wool felt. The PTFE film was used in the upper part of the shoe. It has good wind proof effect, even in windy weather can block the invasion of cold gas, so in such weather, the heat preservation will not be significantly reduced.
Waterproof and moisture permeable:
Elastic PTFE film and GORE PTFE film of the shoes used to belong to the same product, made numerous pores special processing methods, the diameter of the hole was far less than the minimum water rather than gas molecules, so as to prevent the water from the outside into the shoes and will produce sweat emitted, keep your feet dry. Antibacterial deodorant, shoe lining and insole surface cloth to the antibacterial treatment. The special design of the outer surface has excellent skid resistance in both front and back directions in two directions. Even on the ice and snow road, it is not easy to fall, and do not pinch mud.