How to choose different outdoor sports shoes?

1. Short outbound tour
Short distance outdoor outing can choose lighter nylon and other leather, and focus on the design of breathable and lightweight. The soles can be soft bottom, comfortable, wearable and easy to wear. However, nylon fabric is generally poor in waterproof. Although some shoes use waterproof materials and special design to improve its leakproof function, overall, it is suitable for short distance outing, which should be light weight mountaineering shoes, not suitable for long Cheng Dengshan and adventure activities.
2. backpacking
The journey is distant camping, hiking and mountain climbing shoes can be selected, most of the fabric leather, nylon cloth or mixed, with Gore-Tex waterproof breathable cloth design and enhances its rugged durability, also the sole grip is better, but also to strengthen the heel part, to protect the user's ankle. Hiking is more suitable for the weight of this kind of weight than the light mountaineering shoes.
3. Mountain wading
Mountain climbing wading can pick some heavy climbing shoes, especially for the design of foot protection. Due to different rugged conditions, the sole should be designed harder and harder, and some even add steel plates to make the weight increase. At the same time, the waterproof performance will be strengthened to keep your feet dry in the mountain wading. But you can adapt yourself before climbing the mountain, or if you wear new shoes up the hill, hard shoes and unbending soles will make you quite painful.
4. Climb snow mountain
The double boots can be selected to climb snow mountain. Double boots are composed of two layers of shoes. In the harsh ice and snow, this kind of shoes not only strong and thick, is climbing the polar weapon. It is made up of plastic outer boots and warm - keeping interior boots to prevent the snow water from infiltrating and keeping warm, so that your feet are not frozen in the ground.