How to choose professional hiking shoes

1, observe the shoes fabric

Usually there are several kinds of outdoor shoes, leather, one is the entire skin, from inside to outside have not been cut thin. In fact, we all know that most of the leather shoes cut a few layers of cowhide, usually inside the leather is poor, so light useless leather. Said from the inside out in front, waterproof, firm, is heavier. There is the hair, like the kind of work shoes, the benefits are soft, breathable, strength is not bad, but less waterproof than the former. More used in the Hiking. Now a lot to add Gore-tex coating, waterproofing is OK. Genuine leather quality is absolutely good, feel good, strong, but not stiff. If it is in front of the skin, usually by oil immersion, there is a touch of luster, increase water resistance, dirty things wipe with water on it. General wax shoe care. Flip fur also has a special shoe wax, China did not see.
2, observe the soles

Professional shoe soles work exquisite, usually at the end of the outsole and in the end. The outsole is usually better with a hard rubber sole, and the rubber is best Viabrem in Italy (what is the V bottom, please see: "[outdoor equipment] what is hiking shoes Vibram bottom (V bottom)"). I read a few articles about outdoor products and said that Viabrem is a style that goes something like this. Just nonsense, in fact, only the rubber brand only. Good strength, wear resistance, good elasticity. Insole, there are several, there are foam materials, light elasticity is good, but the intensity is not good, but also with elastic rubber, heavy, good strength. Pros and cons. Different uses will have different choices. In addition to the sole material, the above lines are also very particular about, if the above lines like liberation shoes and the like, that is mostly fake.
3, observe insoles

In addition to the outsole and insole, the shoe inside the insole usually made of foam material, so very flexible, if you compare the genuine NewBalance and filled the streets of the fake brand, you know this insoles, soles differences. A hard, a strong and flexible. Feel like an old man's bones, a guy like a stick muscle. Buy outdoor shoes are mainly used to use, not wearing a show, so the most important intrinsic quality.