How to Choose the Crampons Winter Outdoor Sports

Winter travel, especially to some snow and ice road of climbing, or some friends want to try snow mountain climbing or ice climbing, ice as a necessary equipment, on the choice should pay attention to what?

We begin by analyzing the principle of crampons. Ice is made of metal and with sharp teeth, with the aid of its own weight when walking or climbing with fangs pierced into the snow and ice to have fixed to prevent slippage. So the stand or fall of crampons decided on two points, the first point is fixed firmly, crampons and shoes in the second place is good or bad crampons tooth.

First we talk about crampons and some fixed way. Crampons fixed way of four main points, and the whole cassette crampons, all tied type crampons, after the former card tied type crampons, former tied after cassette crampons. Full cassette crampons first requirements shoes must be have crampons card slot, usually only in the mountain boots and some heavy hiking shoes just have this function. After all the CARDS the advantage of ice is fixed is very stable, not easy to loose, take off more freedom and convenient. But the downside is that if the shoe making crampons card slot, the sole need special reinforcement. Sole natural harden, and weight of the shoes will go up, and process the difficulty also increased a lot, overall low prices will not lead to shoes. All tied type ice is to use a few ribbon tied the crampons on shoes. Its biggest advantage is can be used with any mountaineering shoes and is not restricted. However weakness is first fixed tightly than all card crampons, the second is when the walk after a day the ribbon is easy to freeze will become difficult to remove. Tied after card crampons and before the card after tie crampons just as its name implies is to full card crampons and full tie has carried on the combining crampons, but personally think that the two crampons and tied the full card and full actual crampons absorbed all the shortcomings of many, and how much more advantages but failed to inherit, so don't recommend to buy. In fact the two types of ice is also gradually reduced.

Say again crampons tooth. Usually crampons tooth basically see three aspects, the first is the metal material itself. Crampons with metal should choose texture toughness of steel production. If the quality of a material is not the crampons tip will soon go round and lose the ability of ice, but some of the steel is hard but brittle, the ice when accidentally kicked a stone suddenly break easily. The second we should pay attention to ice the number of teeth. Ice usually grab teeth from four to 14 teeth teeth, teeth, the greater the pavement of ice catch to cope with the more complex. Usually do not suggest to buy under 6 teeth crampons, such crampons usually steel selection and is not very good, and crampons under 6 tooth in the process of using regular and poor performance on the climbing ability. Crampons best advised to choose a more than 10 teeth. Before the third point is for more than 10 teeth tooth of ice, the ice is divided peace tooth, tooth crampons was designed to climb on vertical or nearly vertical. Flat teeth is designed for the ground to walk. Occasionally can also be used to climb.

From this perspective, the whole card crampons and whole bind crampons on the advantages and disadvantages is actually a complement each other, we shall, in accordance with the requirements for choice.