How to choose the crampons!

1, general winter snow and ice road or ice climbing: flat tooth tooth 10-14 bundled walking crampons.
2, climbing: 14 teeth verticaltooth card crampons.
3, snow capped mountains to climb: 14 teeth flat teeth before or after the card card crampons tied crampon.
4, snow capped mountains to climb: 14 teeth verticaltooth card crampons.
Remember! If the mountain with snow walking crampons, this is your life a joke.
Finally, Xiaobian tell you about some crampons use the matters needing attention:
1. crampons adjusted to fit the size of a boot: the most suitable length is slightly shorter than the 3~5mm boots, can not be too short or over long boots, boots over long in Xiache, uncomfortable and dangerous.
2. to climb, always check the status of the adjusting screws or crampons, bandage is loose, whether fast shift
3. installed crampons fewsteps ahead after the test, and then tied.
4. some snow conditions (especially in the afternoon of the soft snow), any crampons will be recommended to choose a piece of snow stopped, stop ski crampons.
5. grinding cutter with crampons slowly by hand grinding, grinding wheel grinding machine not available, crampons will change because of the high temperature hardness of steel
6. will not be heated crampons fire and crampons strength and durability will be damaged
7. may not be wet and dirty crampons left in the waterproof bag, keep clean and dry is the principle of maintenance order
8. note crampons can hurt you, to keep and use
9. in the rock or concrete using crampons, will cause harm to the crampons, remember to check the situation especially before crampons, climbing a route