How to choose the winter travel slip crampons

In the winter to participate in outdoor sports, especially mountain climbing or climbing, grasping the ice is a necessary equipment. So, how to choose the suitable crampons according to the motion way? In order to choose the best activities in accordance with the demand to choose, the blind pursuit of the highest and most expensive products is not necessarily a good thing, may have the opposite effect.

Action principle, crampons

Crampons are made of metal and with sharp teeth, when walking or climbing by means of its own weight with sharp teeth tied to the snow or ice to play their own fixed to prevent slipping. Therefore, crampons decides on two points, the first point is fixed and the shoe crampons firm degree, the second is the quality of tooth crampons.

Type two, crampons

Many crampons types have different classification methods. From the way of fixation, a tie and card and card tied before after difference; from the structure, there are hard and soft, semi hard type; climbing from different uses, high difficulty walking and hiking / snow / ice mix climbing the waterfall.

The card and card slot and crampons only hiking boots collocation. The boots were strong in the bottom, so it can get stuck in order. The bundling range is wide using crampons, can be any type of boots collocation. Tie type wear is slightly off the trouble some crampons. Personally feel that the front tie is the most convenient card type, but requires the boot to have a back slot.

Flat front crampons for climbing and general ice, snow and not too hard for the ice; and the strong penetrativeness crampons due to ice, especially good at dealing with hard, it is the role of the high technical requirements of hard ice and mixed route. When we choose crampons, note that second of the position, the front is the large angle support function better, more suitable for the ice wall is steep, but more to charge some of the strength to walk.

Three, crampons tooth

Usually the tooth crampons mainly depends on three aspects, the first is the metal material itself. With the hard metal crampons should choose high toughness steel. If enough hard material will soon become a crampon round and lost the ability of the ice thorn, but some steel although hard but very brittle, easily broken in the crampons suddenly when accidentally kicked a stone.

Second. We should pay attention to the number of teeth of the crampon. Generally, the number of ice grip teeth varies from four teeth to 14 teeth, and the more the number of teeth, the more complicated the road that ice grip can handle. Is not recommended to buy 6 teeth following crampons, this kind of steel is usually selected and crampons are not very good, but the following 6 teeth in the process of using fixed performance crampons and climbing ability is poor. Recommendations for the selection of more than 10 teeth crampons best.

The third point is to have more than 10 teeth teeth of the crampons, the discrete tooth tooth two peace crampons, verticaltooth to crampons ice wall climbing vertical or near vertical design. Flat teeth are designed for plain walking. It can be used for climbing occasionally.

From the above point of view, the whole card crampons and tied up in the advantages and disadvantages of crampons is a complementary, we shall be in accordance with the demand for choice. General winter snow and ice road or ice climbing: flat tooth tooth 10-12 all tied crampon. Ice and snow capped mountains to climb: more than 12 teeth verticaltooth card crampons.