How to let people to choose a higher quality of ice

  Crampons is a help to mountaineering tools include leisure products, people love to mountaineering adventure, since the ancient ancient times again love went hunting in the mountains, and there were no crampons people wear sandals, and will be installed on one or two sharp sharp steel, prevent all kinds of violent animal attack, also prevent fell down when walking, and then with the progress and development of The Times, more and more people climbing tools, including crampons most people love the most, because people in the process of climbing to the lofty mountains and steep mountain peaks can be put on ice, because the ice is set on the shoes shoe covers, at its base metal gear, when contact with the ground it can firmly grasp the ground so that it can prevent people to prevent the fall in the process of climbing to prevent slipping, is important in choosing crampons, however, because there are many kinds of model ice, a variety of colors, a lot of kinds of types of single hand people when choosing crampons must choose to suit oneself foot shoe covers, it is easy to climb the mountain.