Ice fishing has become a popular







Speaking of ice fishing, Han Delin like to open the chatterbox, in his view, the Northeast is not only the country's ice fishing is very popular areas, but also the large number of participants. "Take us in Harbin for example, there are tens of thousands of fishing friends all the year round to participate in ice fishing. Every winter, fishing friends from all over the country will also be gathered here. Whether it is to participate in the competition or leisure fishing, every time Ice fishing on the weekends has become a landscape we have here. "Not only that, according to Han Delin introduction, with the prevalence of ice fishing, ice fishing equipment has become more specialized. He said: "The original ice fishing, nothing more than chisel an ice hole began fishing, but now from the ice hole, the equipment took place a very big change, for example, iced ice with ice, at first people Homemade, not only inconvenient to bring, but also not the same level of firmness, and now, through industrial production, the new ice 镩 portability, and very strong and beautiful, while there is also a hand drill The ice drill, and even the electric ice drill, which greatly saves people's energy in cutting ice.In addition, the two years also designed a mobile icehouse specifically designed for ice fishing, eliminating the cold when people ice fishing bitter."