Ice fishing should pay attention to safety







In addition, ice fishing also need to choose a good time. Zhao Guoshun said: "Ice fishing is very particular about the time, in general, every day from 10 am to 4 pm is the best time for ice fishing, because during this time the temperature of the water has risen in the sun, fish Children are also relatively active, feeding more positive, so the day is the highest chance of ice fishing catch time.


Ice fishing fun, fun, but safety is also very important. For those who participate in ice fishing, ice before, we must first observe the ice situation. If there is clear water, that is, the melting ice area, it should not be on ice. In addition, if ice is found to be cracked on the ice, it should be placed prone on the ice as soon as possible so as to increase the area of ​​the body on the ice and reduce the downward gravity, so as to disperse the pressure on the ice. At the same time, but also as soon as possible to observe where the ice thick, and then as soon as possible prostrate or roll the body out of the danger zone, should not stand upright. If you unfortunately fall into the ice hole, do not be nervous. At this point we must first cry for help, and be careful not to beat the ice, so as not to crack the ice to increase, increase the rescue index. At the same time, try to find the ice thickness, small cracks in the ice, the body volt on it, waiting for the rescue.