Ice fishing skills







Also like ice fishing Zhao Guoshun who lives in Beijing, in his view of winter, with the warm sunshine, sitting in the ice watching the flickering trees in the distance, the fish caught from time to time, the kind of feeling It is very cozy.


Zhao Guoshun was young in the northeast to the countryside, follow the local people learned a lot of ice fishing skills. He said: "Many people think that ice fishing is nothing more than drilling a hole to start fishing, in fact, there are a lot of skills there.First, the ice cave generally chisel diameter 20 to 30 cm is appropriate, too small Will affect the fishing.At the same time, the best depth of the ice hole is about 2-3 meters, because in the natural waters, the higher the water temperature is, the more fish will gather.However, if the weather is fine, Shallow water with solar radiation warming faster, the fish will float up from the deep water, then you need to adjust the hook depth .Second, after the ice hole in the hole needs to be repaired, if the hole is too rough, it is easy to cut In addition, ice fishing is best to use some live food, such as red worms, breadworms, these are the fish like.