How many types of ice grips?

In winter, for many snow walking individuals, an ice grips are almost a necessity, Because of  ice grips can help you anti-slip when snow working, which can make you feel safety when working in an ice snow day.

 Below are some brief instruction for the usage of differences :

1ST.For Daily work and life using, users can choose a simple structure and less tooth ice grips for shoes is okay, and no need to buy expensive one.

2nd. For general hiking, crossing or climbing activities. A common 8point enhance ice gripers is enough, this kind of ice grips is a little bit expensive than the former one, but less expensive than technical climbing crampons.

3rd. As for high altitude mountaineering, a professional ice griper is needed. This kind of ice grippers has a high demands with high price .But as a positive advise, the suitable snow equipment should be depend on the environment, it is very important.