Instructions to buy crampons

When you put the crampons strapped firmly set on hiking boots, it boosts your efficiency, safety and confidence in the snow mountain crossing. When selecting, consider the following note:

Are crampons designed to fit in your hiking boots

Crampons for all, the most important question is crampons shape design, in the end how much can be matched with your hiking boots.

Ideal crampons should be without the use of straps that can be easily set in the boots without falling off. But some crampon design was not suitable for some hiking boots.

So, it is best to try on several pairs before deciding whether to buy. Most of the crampon design their own different, so pay attention to check whether crampons bought with the user guide.

If not, do outdoors store clerk to let you be a model. If the length is adjustable crampons that you want to set in the small hiking boots, then you may need a hacksaw, will grow after adjustment amputated part of the boots.

Before you carry on climbing through, be sure to carefully regulate your home crampon. It is best to do a few exercises. Because in the snow, the passive stiffness of the fingers, is not as flexible as weekdays.