Know about crampons

Different crampons in the structural, claw teeth and fixed a wide range of features.


⒈ the main structural points are all rigid and semi-rigid (some say semi-flexible)


Semi-rigid claw claw claw claw and claw, there is a flat metal strip connection, one adjustable claw length to match the boots, and second, flat metal strip can only be slightly horizontal movement with the shoe's palm and with the shape and small Small move up and down. So called semi-rigid claws. Semi-rigid claw body light, convenient adjustment, the general claw is to use this design. See the picture on the right.


Fully rigid claws can also adjust the length of the claw, but the overall fixed as a rigid structure. In the past all the rigid claw is mainly used for ice climbing technology, because the snow claw walking snow easy. Now a lot of full-rigid claws have a snowboarder supporting, many people also used for high-altitude mountain climbing and technology climbing.


claws teeth to see the number of teeth and tooth design.


General mountaineering claw is 12 teeth, the forefoot is two teeth plus six after the teeth, followed by four teeth. The figure is the most common style. The first two teeth are used to kick into the second line of hard snow and ice wall to help stand, the other used to ice slope.


Before the mountaineering claw is flat teeth. Due to the fast extrusion of one body, many mountaineering claws add the technical ice climbing design. The first two teeth are made of hard and forged spur to facilitate the hard snow and ice. The following two paragraphs are the first two improvements.


Climbing technology claws are mostly 12 teeth, but individual manufacturers have a unique design, the front teeth have a single tooth, but also in the heel plus a stirrup teeth, as shown below


Ice walking ice claw with 4-12 teeth, simple forefoot 4-6 teeth, no heel. There are also special light aluminum alloy to do. The most important thing is that if the mountaineering with ice and snow walking crampons, this is a joke to life.


⒊ fixed methods are: all-tied, all-card and hybrid.


The old all-tied is the strap through the claw on the steel ring to connect the claw to the shoe. This way troubles easy to let go. The new all-around plus plastic front and rear fixing sleeve, easy to wear, easy to fall off. What kind of hiking boots can be coupled with.


All-card is designed for professional mountain boots, boots, professional hard-bottom mountains, boots and heel with a special ditch to match crampons. Not all crampons and all alpine boots can match, so when you buy crampons to bring alpine boots, or buy alpine boots with crampons try to match before buying.