Ladies and gentlemen, please recommend a climbing shoes. Which brand is better?

In terms of outdoor shoes, each brand, each category of outdoor shoes, have a very clear targeted (design goals), to outdoor shoes functional classification, can be roughly divided into five series:

1, alpine series: (also known as heavy climbing boots)

The design of this series of boots for climbing boots, usually using Vibram or Sky walk outsole, lining plate, and has a strong anti impact force can be loaded, crampons, boots design is very high, generally above 20cm, boots made of hard plastic resin or thick leather, sheepskin lining sleeve sewing, warm shoes and adapt to the complex and harsh snow, ice and rock mixed terrain, can effectively protect your feet.

2, low mountain series: (also known as heavy climbing shoes)

This kind of shoe is using an elevation of 6000 meters below the mountain climbing, ice or snow mixed wall rock bottom, with wear-resistant rubber (Vibram or Sky walk) in the organic carbon between the bottom lining plate, the sole hard, high impact strength, climbing has enough supporting force, vamp thickening (3.0mm) the whole piece cowhide or sheepskin sewing, in order to enhance the waterproof effect, commonly used Gore Tex or SympaTex as lining, sandwiched between the insulating layer. Usually the upper high above 15cm, can effectively protect the feet to reduce damage in complex terrain conditions, some models with crampons structure, no available bundled crampons fixed structure. The proportion of type climbing boots light, remove crampons Walking Hiking Boots to comfort the proportion of type.

3, through the series: (also known as medium-sized mountaineering shoes)

The target of this series is low mountains, canyons, deserts, Gobi and other complex terrain, suitable for medium and long distance weight-bearing walking. The structure characteristics of this kind of shoes are high shoes, uppers height is usually 13-15cm, with strong support force, can effectively protect the ankle damage. The wear resistant rubber outsole, some excellent brand design of nylon plate supported on the outsole and midsole, to enhance the hardness of soles, not only can effectively prevent the sole deformation, but also can enhance the anti impact force. Uppers often use the middle thickness of the first layer of cowhide, sheepskin or leather mixed uppers, leather face part of the Du Gang super wear-resistant Cordura fabric, compared to alpine series, low mountain series to light, flexibility is much better. In order to solve the problem of most models using Gore waterproof, Tex material lining, some with youpi waterproof, this kind of shoe can surface in ankle or walking in the rain.

4, hiking series:

Hiking is a popular sport in outdoor sports. The design objective is short distance, light weight hiking, suitable for more gentle mountains, jungles, general outings or camping activities. The design features of this kind of shoes are below 12cm and have the structure of ankle protection. The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber, and the bottom is made of microcellular foam and double deck rubber. The top grade brand has a big bottom plastic board interlayer. It has better impact resistance and shock absorption, and the upper has all leather, leather or leather blending material. Part of the design has Gore Tex lining, and some styles are not waterproof. The advantage of middle shoe is light, soft, comfortable and breathable. In the terrain is not complicated environment walking, middle shoes should be better than high shoes.

5, a series of hiking:

Outdoor hiking shoes series is normally referred to as the shoe, the goal of the design is often wearing * and non weight bearing exercise. Wear resistant rubber outsole so that you never have to worry about the shoe wear will affect the use of elastic bottom can reduce the face of foot shock, and can ease the pressure on the foot of the weight, high-grade shoe will usually have a keel design, can effectively prevent the sole deformation, strengthening the supporting force. A tight vamp design makes you feel like your shoes are on your feet. This kind of shoes with leather uppers or common nylon mesh surface texture, thus lighter, a pair of shoes is often less than 400g, and has good flexibility, at present in some European countries, this series is a variety of the most common and most popular.