Mountain climbing is not fun ice is cool

Spectacular ice waterfall hanging mountain stream, the players one by one climb and on, looks particularly cool. 2017 National Ice Climbing Championship and China (Fangshan) Ice Climbing Open recently in Fangshan District Xia Yunling Jinshui Lake area. Of course, you need a crampons, the competition is divided into male and female races, a total of more than 50 players from the country participating, the famous swimmer, the Olympic champion money red, the Chinese Olympic champion Wang Liping, the famous basketball player Zheng Haixia and other sports Celebrities also come to cheer for the tournament.

Speaking of Xia Yunling, turned out to be a very storytelling place. Xia Yunling National Forest Park is also the core area of ​​the national red tourism classic scenic area, a song so far the song "no Communist Party no new China" was born here. Xia Yunling Township branch secretary Yang Wan book said: "Xia Yunling itself is the old revolutionary base areas, the original living conditions are relatively difficult, and later improved after the mine, but later because of the more serious pollution, the municipal government asked to close the mine. Castle Peak green water is a natural condition, so it began to develop tourism in 2011. Beijing's winter tourism has been a vacancy, we boldly do ice waterfall, the lights hit up, people can skate under the ice falls, the surrounding beautiful In 2015, we decided to engage in the National Ice Climbing Championships, through the project to promote tourism, and we decided to engage in the National Ice Board, , But also to promote China 's ice and snow, ice and snow industry and the development of ice and snow tourism, so that more people involved in ice and snow.

With the development of outdoor sports, many young people like the ice-climbing, "climbing is also part of the mountain climbing technology, people will also be in the process of climbing," said Luo Shen, Minister of climbing and climbing of the National Sports Administration's Mountaineering Management Center. Ice climbing has expertise and equipment, such as the following hanging claw hiking shoes and helmets, seat belts and ice picks, etc., in the climb process, how to rational use of crampons and ice picks to balance and move is very important "

Ice climbing as a new winter sports, and now still relatively small, popular also need some time. "Every year we are carrying out ice climbing activities every year, we will often hold ice training courses, and vigorously promote the popularization of the sport.Hide ice is the strength, wisdom, skills as one of the very ornamental winter Sports, hope you come to enjoy it.