Mountaineering departure preparation








Mountaineering Ready to go


Adjust the body, set a good line


1 Make the line


Trekking in the snow in winter takes about twice as much physical effort as hiking in summer, and the speed of trekking also drops from 3 kilometers per hour in summer to about 1.5 kilometers per hour.

Therefore, in the design of the route, we must consider the distance and physical factors, not to design too long route.


2 enhance physical fitness


Before you go trekking, it is best to train yourself physically and adaptively in order to increase your endurance and to ensure your physical condition can cope with the difficulties in your journey. Can also participate in similar sports such as rock climbing, diving, psychological emergency response ability.


3 fully prepared


To carry out a full range of destination information collection (weather, topography, etc.), to avoid bad weather travel, and carry adequate warm clothing, food, medicine and commonly used hiking equipment, snow technology and equipment.