Mountaineering Equipment

1. Ice axe, through ice and snow slope indispensable equipment, as well as improving roads, auxiliary, and can be used to protect.

2. Crampons, in snow and ice terrain, especially when ice slope road must be equipped, with light hard metals. Because of mounted on the bottom of the mountain boots, and similar cat's paw. Main role is the traveling fixed and antiskid.

3. A seat belt, is composed of trap, tape and clamp, in the chest, all kinds of protection technologies are composed of the coupling device.

4. The main rope, 35 meters long, about 12 mm in diameter, tolerance above 1500 kilograms, should be equipped with different colors respectively, in order to identify when using. To cross the river "bridge" and "groups such as all kinds of protection technology.

5. Auxiliary line, diameter less than the main line, the tolerance of about 800 kg. Cooperate with the main line, used to cross the river "bridge" and various protection and rescue techniques.

6. Avalanche ribbon is a search for buried in an avalanche of a tag. With bright colors, the proportion of small, easy to flap of silk products. Each specification is about 5 x 0.01 (m). Through the avalanche area before, tied it to athletes.

7. Chains, in technical operations, some equipment need to constantly alternately between links and relief, to avoid tedious knotting, XieSheng operation, make the action is simple and rapid, there must be far away. auxiliary. Sometimes also can be used as pulley for supplies.

8. Steel cone, cone rock and snow cone. Rocks, ice and snow in overcome difficult terrain in the homework, different length and type of steel cone into the rock and ice, as fulcrum of travel and protection.

9. The hammer, commonly used in cone into and out of the steel.

10. The snow shovel, used for flat camp, such as building snow hole digging in the homework. On the basis of the above some of the technical equipment, according to the specific sections of each mission, preparation of some corresponding improvement, synergistic technology and equipment, such as rising, falling, go sleigh, metal ladder, ladder, small hanging ladder, block, etc.