Mountaineering remember to keep warm







4 inform the family


To make a detailed plan of action, and travel information to family or friends.




Cold and warm as the first rule


1 to adjust the attitude


In winter, everything becomes slow. Because of the snow at the foot and the bag on the back, the time to reach the destination was longer than usual; the construction of the camp was more time-consuming than the rest of the season because of the need to consolidate the snow-covered quarters and to dig out the place for cooking;

Because wearing three gloves, stove, gas tank frozen cold, cooking fire is more difficult than usual; more importantly, the winter travel means to adapt to the changing environment.

2 pay attention to the weather


In the mountains, do not worry too much about summer floods, but a heavy snowfall can reduce temperatures by 10-15 degrees in harsh, high mountains or predictable bad weather.


3 Save the temperature


The greatest outdoor danger in winter comes from the low temperatures of walking and camping, which must be well insulated against frostbite and loss of warmth (the loss of temperature often occurs rapidly).