Note the use of crampons

Note the use of crampons

1, crampons to adjust to the size of the appropriate boots: the most suitable length is slightly shorter than the boots 3 ~ 5mm, not too short or more than boots, more than the boots in the retreat, will be uncomfortable and dangerous.


2., climb up, at any time check the status of crampons, adjust the screw or strap is loose, fast buckle whether the shift


3, installed after the ice claws, take a few steps to test, and then tightened.


4, some of the snow conditions (especially in the afternoon wet soft snow), any crampons will be snow block, it is recommended to choose a snowboarded claws.


5, grinding crampons when the knife with a knife slowly grinding, can not be used grinding machine grinding, ice claw steel hardness will change due to high temperature


6, must not be ice jar heating roasted, the strength and durability of crampons will be damaged


7, can not be dirty and wet cramp left in the waterproof bag, keep clean and dry is the principle of maintenance of crampons


8, pay attention to the claws can hurt, to be well preserved and used


9, in the rock or cement to use the crampons, will cause harm to the crampons, remember to check the status of crampons at any time, especially before climbing a route