Outdoor climbing skills, more equipment, is the real outdoor talent

Whether it's a professional climber or not, getting ready for outdoor mountaineering is a must, not only to ensure your own safety, but also to enjoy the pleasure of climbing mountains. And how to choose mountaineering equipment has become a knowledge, it will not only affect the completion of our mountaineering goals, serious words, or even life and death, so the choice of good mountaineering equipment also need to pay attention to skills..

High altitude climb

Before reaching the plateau, we need to overcome the altitude sickness and reduce the weight load.

The Master @ Liu Yongzhong: "in the high altitude climbing, first to overcome plateau response induced by hypoxia, early to let the body fully adjusted, if not very good anti symptoms eased, it will affect the state of the body, and it may be a serious mountain disease, and even life-threatening..

Second, is to have a sound mind, to fully understand the situation, listen to the guide arrangement, ensure the safety of the operation, to observe the surrounding environment, pay attention to weather changes, make the appropriate emergency safety measures. High altitude climbing to carry mainly personal climbing equipment and supplies, climbing terrain, cycle and different height required equipment and items with different things, must not be less, especially related to safety and warm things, anything less as far as possible, because it will increase the burden weight.

There are many brands for high altitude climbing equipment and articles, which are guided by foreign brands, and each brand has different flagship products. In the past few years, several major domestic outdoor brands also have made great progress in the quality and design of products, such as the Pathfinder and Keller stone is a good choice.".

Before the summit through topography,.

Mountain climber @ Li Xin: "first of all, we must make sure you have adequate preparation before climbing, such as terrain, altitude, backpacks, equipment, physical strength and so on.". Some mountain is not what we want to do that, for example, can climb 4000 meters mountain, 3000 meters of the mountain is also not the effect. Secondly, have not been to the place we must find a guide to lead the way, especially like the Four Girls Mountain, the tour pal often go to cattle hill mountain, only the wizard can know constitute the entire route and landform.

Third, top to wear at least a satellite phone and GPS satellite navigation, climbing to buy accident insurance, and the route, departure time and travel information to share with all the people closest to you, so they can, at any time to contact you in time.

About the equipment, I recommend some economical and practical, if the domestic brand backpack reloading, Pathfinder backpack, Keller stone brands are good; the tent, mobigarden Lengshan series, north is the price of economical products. The sleeping bag, if the temperature is above 0, you can buy this super cheap Beishan wolf sleeping bags; if below 0, it is recommended that buy down sleeping bags, the price is also relatively expensive. GPS navigation is the general Jia Ming, if you love sports watches, Sunto Tuoye suggestions can buy 4 series, it can provide GPS positioning and navigation service. Hand it off if you can choose the digital hand, call more clearly, if you want to 300-600 yuan price segment of the hand, informed is the most cost-effective products."

Before reaching the summit, we must adhere to physical training and seek guidance

Blind mountain Master @ Zhang Hong: "in the process, especially climbing, the core is equipped with safety belts, rising and decline, of course, crampons, ice axes, etc. These are indispensable mountaineering equipment.

For a blind person, the picture of climbing in the mind is basically blank. At this point, you need to face two problems. How do you navigate the ascent? The two is how to skillfully use equipment? The first problem would not have to worry about, because professional climbing activities will have a special road guide rope team. The second question needs some help, all the equipment for detailed explanation and exercise, and in this can master, also need to rely on the blind climbers a little savvy..

In the high altitude, the summit will certainly be dangerous, so that in addition to climbing the top of the professional skills, but also need very abundant physical fitness as a guarantee. Since the blind can not predict the road ahead, so climbing consumes more physical energy. In order to continue to climb the summit later, I will continue to do more than forty kilograms of physical training every day. So, mountaineering must be prepared to pay the price..

Entry-level mountaineering equipment

NO.1 clothes

  1. Assault underwear: outdoor activities essential, windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant
  2. Fleece: containing WINDSTOPPER, mainly is the wind and warm.
  3. Sweat underwear: you can keep your body dry after outdoor exercise.
  4. Quick drying underwear: summer travel, the best is necessary, trouser sleeves can be detachable
  5. Down underwear: winter travel or to the plateau zone of warmth necessary
  6. A casual, baseball cap, of course, that is designed to shade the sun

NO.2 shoes bag

  1. Climbing shoes: to choose the middle and upper hand, on the rugged road can protect the ankle, avoid sprains. Hiking shoes are a direct influence on the comfort of walking, and it's worth the money. Must try before buying, after all, for their own is the best.

Socks: to have breathable perspiration function, the best material is COOLMAX, with GORE TEX shoes, can foot sweat, also can prevent freezing injury in winter.

Gloves: just buy plain slip gloves

Backpacks: generally prepared two bags, small packets 20-30 liters, big bags 50 - 70 liters. Ordinary climbing back small bags, you can carry on the back of the big package when camping.

Third camping

  1. Tent: if it is the first camping, or camping opportunities less Alice, it is recommended not to buy Tents, you can rent or share with others
  2. Sleeping bags: as a personal necessity, considering hygiene and cleanliness, it is advisable to buy it yourself. If it is a long journey, it is recommended to take a small down sleeping bag, you can save space; the other is sleeping bags, also according to seasonal belt.
  3. Damp mat: the ordinary damp mat is enough for you to sit down and lie down at any time, but it will be more comfortable to wash the air cushion.
  4. 4 helper class
  5. Head lamp: with headlights, it can be used for lighting as well as for personal safety.
  6. Pole climbing: it is important equipment, whether uphill, downhill, cross the river, support...... It allows you to keep your balance on foot, leg, knee also can alleviate the pressure to a certain extent, the use of the correct posture, can save about 20% of energy use, can also be used as a single tripod when the accident occurred.
  7. Sunglasses: Sporty sunglasses will be better, the main function is still shading, protect the eyes

Outdoor or bag: in order to environmental protection but also to the way to add boiling water, with the metal kettle; water bag can be in the foot in the process directly by the suction pipe for drinking.