Outdoor sports equipment configuration

33 outdoor sports equipment configuration experience

1, another use of towels. It's the most common cotton towel, the thicker one. Before strenuous exercise, the pads are on your back, for perspiration, and immediately after the end, you will feel very comfortable and the underwear dries much faster. With the effect of perspiration underwear better, with a few, you can change several times.

2, chemical fiber underwear. I have seen people wearing plain warm underwear climbing mountains, terror! Special sweat underwear is best, if not, it will not wear cotton fabrics, to stall or supermarket to find the kind of fiber (usually acrylic underwear), although not sweat underwear, but much stronger than cotton underwear!

  1. Refusing jeans. It doesn't really need to be any more, but there are still plenty of novices in jeans playing outdoors, and some people still think jeans are tough and wearable. In fact, cotton products are neither strong nor wearable, and the physical performance is not suitable for outdoor sports. Once it's raining, wading, or sweating a lot, you know the disadvantages of jeans. Take it, even if it is wearing a $more than 20 chemical fiber trousers is better.

4, shoe code choice. Almost all of the materials are said to be 1 hiking shoes size to 1.5, my experience is not the case, I never experience shoes is through loose, old shoes new shoes tight loose, tight morning night loose, traveling longer loose. So that the shoes must not buy big, big shoes are uncomfortable and easy to blister, fit is the best, of course, the premise is wearing thick socks shoes.

5, shoelaces easy to loose. This small problem is more annoying, in fact, with a rubber band tie it solved. Or with a variety of home appliances on the cable line, with that section of strapping line can also be tied more firmly.

6, wrinkled insole. In the shoe insole wrinkle problems many people encountered, I have an idea: using a nylon block (that is the kind of very thin, translucent, can be bent, the key is the material, like on the line) cut into the shape of a shoe pad, and then simply insole sewn together, OK, completely solve. In addition, recommend a supermarket to sell so-called "health care insoles", the surface with particles of the brand forgot, as long as a few dollars, than in the outdoor shop to spend dozens of dollars to buy insoles still sturdy. Some people may wonder about its particles. Don't worry, it's just the right thing.

7, life jackets. As long as the quality is no problem, the structure of the waterproof jacket is strict, but it has a vital cuff, I have seen the jackets, connecting cuffs and sleeves are not adhesive. Rain a long time, here is bound to seepage. Archaeopteryx this place was designed to be very good, but too expensive, can not afford to buy, so this problem haven't find a good way, but the small arm sweat less, lining a plastic bag with a pull down.

8, shoe. This is really a very cost-effective thing. Cheap, good skid resistance, small in size. The climbing shoes on your feet are better. Do you want to relax at night when you're camping? Xi shoes involving hundreds of pieces of a problem cannot be avoided in the streams: the upper mesh is always in the sand, it is very useful shoe. (but too bad protective shoe, wear a long time only)

9, find the way. Unless you intend to engage in an unmanned area through from the material and thought made its way to prepare, otherwise, whether temporarily can not find the way, or to take a little, not forced through in the place where the road was not. In doing so, you may not only hurt yourself, but you can not save time and strength at all. It is wise to turn around and continue looking for the road that already exists.

10, marching rhythm. See more saying is to travel 30 minutes, rest 5 minutes, or travel an hour, rest for 10 minutes. Personally feel that this only as a reference, each person's physical strength and habits are not the same, for the rhythm is not the same, relatively fast pace, the most pleasant walk is going about 3 hours 20 minutes of rest (horizontal movement). In addition, for the arrangement of the days, it is better to be slow on the first day and return to normal in second days. You must adapt yourself to the body, or it will be uncomfortable.

11, stride problem. Most textbooks say that you need to walk in small steps. I have different experiences. It's easier to get used to the larger stride (the pace of walking is larger than usual) for long periods of time. (because reducing the overall number of steps may help reduce the wear of the soles of the feet)

12, do not take off your shoes during the break. Walking for a long time, feet will be swollen, take off shoes, once worn, is more uncomfortable.

13, backpack waterproof. Mountaineering bag itself has a certain waterproof, rainproof cover is also essential useful things. But if you are constantly drenched with rain for more than three or four hours, you know that the rain shield is not completely reliable. Although the waterproof bag is good, but the capacity is limited, it is recommended to use large plastic bags (the kind of household appliances packaged, large enough), parcels, clothing and sleeping bags. Upstream activities are more necessary to do so.

14, how to install sleeping bags?. Most people like to use compressed bags to pack sleeping bags! This method has long been abandoned. Sleeping bags are placed at the bottom of the pack. Don't wrap it up. Just put it into your backpack. And what should it be loaded with? Just press it hard. In this way, we can make full use of space, and the packages are full and full of appearance.

15, GPS and compass. This topic is a bit redundant, because a lot of people have talked about it. GPS is a good thing as well as a professional. Unfortunately, there are too many restrictions in use: too much power, too much weather and terrain, slow reaction.

Many people also like to carry military compass, the more popular are the 62 and 65. Recommended directional cross-country compass (in fact, not directed by professional, is that kind of plexiglass, with the phone area of almost the same). In fact, military compass is not suitable for outdoor, stress is too large, slope, odometer, speed dial, precise directional and distance function can not play too much use, orienteering compass and is simple and practical, the quality of twenty or thirty dollars is good enough.

16, open circuit knife. Of course the dogleg is very impressive, but with thorns and weeds flexibility on the mountain, this thing really is not so strong on the hunt a rabbit. It is good to cut down trees, but not personally think that as long as the annual herb should not touch them. I am using a Swedish ASE, long, thin, thin, light, sharp and open, very useful.

17, water tsui. Straw Ju Zi Hoser platypus is the naked, easy dirty, backpack shoulder also easy to accidentally squeeze water to wet back. The suction nozzle of this water pipe can be pulled out. It is easy to make a case with a plastic film box. Suggest using Fuji, white translucent, more eye-catching.

  1. Kettle. To show that you are an outdoor donkey, LAKEN, SIGG necessary, practical, military set pot best. High cost performance, very strong.

19 、 stainless steel small mouth cup. Supermarkets have sold, 7cm caliber more appropriate, a few dollars, not bad. Camping with this, when traveling with a water bag with Straw, collocation is very good. When not in small pieces hanging on the backpack on the way, drink the water in the streams is also very convenient.

20 sunglasses. The general is not necessary, with top hat is enough, in the mountains is not what dazzling things. Ice and snow sunglasses are essential, but you probably need a snow mirror at the time, and they must be anti fogging. At low temperatures, non fogging snow mirrors are basically waste.

21, simple crampons. The so-called four toothed crampons, cheap, simple, as long as tens of dollars. DIY can do it by himself. This gadget is called crampons, but really not in the snow capped mountains 4 teeth with several people, but in general on the mountain, encountered very slippery pavement, crampons can play a key role. Personally feel that climbers can not take this thing must be brought.

22, ground seat. This gadget is mainly used in the winter, preventing snow weather tent bottom and the bottom surface of frozen in a block.

23 disposable tablecloth. The type of film used in low-end restaurants, supermarkets, cheap, light, multi-purpose.

24, ZIPPO lighter. Many people think that Zippo is linked with the outdoor, in fact this gadget outdoors isn't good, far worse than disposable lighters. Just leave it at home and use a one-off! And take a few more and place them in different places

25, map protection. The first copy (color printing, the best way) marker homework will use this picture, and then to the store to buy a glass decoration film, no flowers to transparent, or to sign the small shop to buy a transfer film (that is, to map the original glass film) pave stick, this the original change is waterproof and strong.

26, labor gloves. Now there's a rubber covered glove in the labor shop. The gloves are made of cotton, and the palms and fingers are covered with a thick, soft rubber (mostly rubber, yellow and white). The gloves of rough work, but Zhaxingbi any anti slip gloves are good, with a very comfortable.

27, candy and chocolate. These two things for temporary energy has obvious effect on the way once because of excessive consumption, lack of supply when the lack of physical strength, eat a few pieces, a dozen minutes, of course not feel lack of physical strength can also eat.

  1. Drinking water. The book never says, "don't drink water when you feel thirsty. No matter how you drink it, the body's water needs are certain. You don't want to drink or drink. There's a waste.".

29, do not prepare too much food to eat. In fact, you can't finish it. How many of these things come into your stomach? We are playing outdoor sports, not organizing dinner parties, nor outdoor survival training. Where do we go? Is there a real uninhabited area? These things you only eat the remaining part, either to farmers, or on the way where land. Remember: don't use your backpack as a supermarket".

30, how many clothes to wear to sleep?. The experience I heard before was that when I was sleeping, I wore more clothes instead of cold. I wore a little less and slept warmly. It turned out to be wrong! Never wear a little more warmer, if your sleeping bag is not high enough, the best wear wool fleece sleeping. Of course, wearing too much sleeping bags can be too tight and uncomfortable.

  1. Cut your nails. This is mainly for MM. Don't compare strenuous outdoor activities in the long fingernails, impact work, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices is also vulnerable to injuries.

32, the control foot shoes to fit. A blister is not to say, if the road on the way to find the foot discomfort, local burning, it is generally called blister precursor, it is best not to be lucky, hurriedly put up enough thick edge in pain gauze tape, change of foot force. If you have a blister, so it is necessary to put it punctured water, but must not cut the skin blisters, otherwise you will walk second days of pain!

33, Potassium Permanganate. This gadget multi-purpose. In addition to disinfection, it is ipecac, if eat the poisonous things, a little water and vomiting down immediately. In addition, few people know that it is a very effective topical drug, can quickly neutralize venom (effective for nerve poison blood poison). Bitten immediately after packing, remove the broken tooth, with a knife debridement (too deep!) Then, the Potassium Permanganate powder filling in the wound (small amounts), while to other emergency.