Outdoor sports ice fishing







In the cold winter, when it comes to outdoor sports, it is estimated that many people think of skating, skiing. In fact, there is a very popular outdoor project, and the participation of a very large number, that is ice fishing.


At minus 20 degrees Celsius on the outskirts of Harbin, the ice-bound Changling Lake, many like ice fishing local people, come and go together to come and experience the fun of ice fishing. Han Delin who lives here is a hardcore ice fishing lover, every winter, he will be about three or five friends with ice fishing. Ice fishing in his view is both an outdoor sport, but also a way of life. He said: "I first participated in ice fishing or childhood with my father, when in winter every winter, my father and I took the brother and I went to the Songhua River for ice fishing.At the same year, we mainly engaged in ice fishing to catch some fish, Improve living life.With the improvement of living standards, when eating fish is no longer a difficult time, gradually less chance of participating in ice fishing.Now, people are increasingly pursuing the participation in outdoor sports, combined with retirement at home After the time more free, in recent years I started the life of ice fishing