Preparation and precautions before mountaineering

Health examination should be carried out before departure, especially for middle-aged and elderly people who seldom exercise on weekdays. To have a health check, you need a good cardiovascular system and a fully healthy body. You may need to do more to prepare yourself for good health. Check your cholesterol levels. If cholesterol is too high, the fat may clog the blood vessels so that you can get frostbite in a very short time. Also, check if you have asthma because in that environment, cold, dry air causes it. Check your heart, lungs and brain, because the blood becomes thick and to increase the burden on the fragile blood vessels, the circulatory system is the basis of good, please stay away from tobacco, he will make you arteriosclerosis, if necessary, also need to lower your blood pressure.

4, go, do not jump. Go quickly or bounce will aggravate the burden of knee and ankle.

5, do not worry. Walking at a uniform speed saves most of your energy and helps maintain a good state of mind.

6, walk level, not slope. When you go down the mountain, try to walk up the steps and face the slopes less.

7, hard not to weaken. In the cement, stone and other hard to walk than in the grassland, wetland, sand and other soft surface to walk more energy saving and safety.

8, do not always look up. At the beginning of climbing, looking up can lead to tiredness. It is better to keep your eyes 35 meters ahead of you while climbing.

9, go slow back. The road to travel can be a little faster, the return trip will be slower, so as not to fatigue joints and tendon injuries.

10, Sichuan walking outdoors as well as in dangerous sections must be composed of s rope team, ensure to be strong