Preparation and precautions before mountaineering

Safety: mountaineering is a dangerous sport. Sometimes it is only a thin line from death. The adverse nature of the environment, personal mistakes will cause accidents. As a result, we are trying to avoid dangerous situations and strengthen our technical training to improve survival in harsh environments. We need to be back all the time while we are enjoying the pleasure of climbing mountains. In order to ensure the safety of mountaineering, climbers need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Preparation and precautions before mountaineeringļ¼š

1, do warm up preparation. Before climbing, you can use 10~20 minutes to stretch your muscles and try to relax all your muscles. When you start climbing, you must not step up and increase the amount of exercise you need. Usually do some simple warm-up exercises, and then according to a certain breathing rate, gradually increase the intensity, to avoid breathing frequency changes suddenly in the movement. At the end of the exercise, relax, so that you can better maintain your muscles and return your blood from your limbs to your heart.

2. Carry the necessary clothes, food and equipment with you. A pair of mountain hiking boots is essential. Buy a slightly large code, because when the toes down to a certain space, if the shoes don't fit you because of the cold and frozen immediately accidentaly across the foot; climbing period, you need to wear layers of clothing, because of the temperature change on the mountain was dramatic, when clouds cover the sun, everything is hard to say. The lightweight Gore-Tex of the one or two layer is better than the wool fabric because the multilayer is removed or put on more. Remember at any time with a good a light jacket, in the sun with a hat to protect your head with a pair of waterproof gloves for traveling on the ice on the cloth, feather gloves better, in addition, remember to bring a pair of gloves for backup. Check to see if the hat fits well with the oxygen mask. It can mask the face very well and bring more light socks for replacement. Sleeping bags must be at least 1000 grams, 35 ounces down filled, not in the sleeping bag pictured above. In just a few days, due to your perspiration, the sleeping bag absorbs a kilogram of moisture, and you can feel it from the heat effect and your weight. The sun is good weather, you can put sleeping bags on top of the tent to dry, rocks to suppress sleeping bags. Each camp got a moisture-proof pad, you need to double the moisture-proof pad to protect you by shizige, if you are cold, you may in the other camp also need a double moisture-proof pad, do not use crampons tent, it will spoil mat