Preparation for a right crampons choosing

As a necessity to safety , crampons are becoming more specialized for outdoor sports.

More and more mountain-lovers pay high attention to the option on a right crampons .This article will focus on this in the following ways.

First, let us learn about something about the working principle of crampons.

Crampons are made ​​of metal and with sharp teeth to handle the ice or snow when walking or climbing. as well as, play a prevent slipping function.

Usually a crampons good or bad mainly depend on types of bonding and the teeth quality of the cramps.

1st Currently, there are four types of bonding: cassette type/ strap-on type/ mixed type crampons. The former two are more common, but each has their big benefits.  Cassette types ask a special shoe with a slot with heavy weight, but a little bit expensive. Strap-on type, its biggest advantage is that you can use it with any of hiking shoes and unrestricted, but it is become difficult to take off, after a day freeze.

2nd.another very important point is the quality and toughness of crampons teeth.

1) Crampons usually use Ni-Mo-Cr alloy to ensure the strength and toughness of steel, so please pay high attention on the material when crampons choosing.

2) Please notes the number of teeth of the crampons,.

Usually there are four to 14 range, more teeth means more safety for more complex ice climbing situation. Teeth from The more complex the ice is usually caught four teeth from tooth to tooth 14 range.

Facts proved that, crampons with 6 points showed poor performance in the course of the immobility and climbing ability, but 10 teeth or more is recommended to choose the best crampons

3) Please also pay attention on the front points of the 10 teeth crampons;

There are vertical tooth crampons, is used to climb vertical or near-vertical ice wall design. And horizontal type teeth are designed for walking on level ground, occasionally also used to climb.

Above all ,in Winter snow and ice road walking, 10-12 all-strapped vertical teeth tooth crampons are recommending; In ice climbing,12 teeth cassette type crampons or ship-in crampons are a better choice. But for mountain climbing or 12 or more teeth vertical type cassette crampons are not bad choice.

Last, all above information should be just as a general reference, not the final one, You had better to choose a crampons according to real activity needs. Suit is the best, not the expensive is. If not, it may be counterproductive.