Professional development of outdoor shoes

Outdoor sports as a special form of movement, but decades of history. Outdoor shoes are also a new noun in recent years.
With the mountaineering activities, hiking shoes will come out, these early in a small workshop manual sewing shoes, has experienced several generations of improvements, technological level has been rapid development, especially the application of advanced machines and modern high-tech materials, so that the hiking shoes can have improved. When the meaning of the mountaineering shoes does not accurately cover the different characteristics of all kinds of shoes, the concept of outdoor shoes appears.
For outdoor shoes, there are many brands at present, but outdoor shoes under every brand have very specific pertinence. According to its function classification, it can be roughly divided into five series.
High mountain series (heavy mountaineering boots). Specifically for climbing and design, and has a strong anti impact force can be loaded, crampons, generally 20 cm boots